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A description of the content follows : The Micro Cap Press is devoted entirely to finding the world's best micro-cap stock trading and investment ideas. We aim to uncover these ideas for our readers before the rest of the market does. The Micro Cap Press provides an electronic investor relations website and newsletter focused on providing undervalued micro cap investment opportunities to speculative investors seeking investment ideas poised to provide above average returns.

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“Thank you for all of your trading tips and micro cap ideas. Thanks to you, this year is setting up to be my best trading year, ever!”


James Whittaker

Menlo Park, CA



“...thank goodness I'm receiving your newsletter now. My trading account has seen a healthy climb, thanks to your service. Nothing but praises!”


Frank Jinter

New York , NY



“I never knew about micro cap stocks! Can you believe it? These companies (if identified correctly) have WAY more upside than the blue chips. Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me diversify my portfolio with a healthy group of micro caps. I think they are outperforming my large cap positions 5 to 1. Impressive!”


Allison Lee

Plantation, FL

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About The Micro Cap Press

The Micro Cap Press is a complimentary e-newsletter and website devoted entirely to finding the world's best micro-cap stock trading ideas. We aim to uncover these ideas with our readers before the rest of the market does, and our readers benefit from our many year's worth of expertise in making the most out of the micro cap market.

Though small cap stocks have historically outperformed all other market capitalization categories, there are surprisingly few web-based resources to actually help investors reap those big potential rewards. The pitfall is not a lack of information, but rather an overload of poor information. Selecting the right stocks can be tedious and confusing without guidance.

We think you'll discover The Micro Cap Press is a rare and valuable resource within the over-crowded world of micro cap stock ideas, as we streamline the tools and data you need to be a profitable micro cap investor. No bias. No fluff. Just hard-hitting micro cap information shared among our community. The result for our readers is a powerful trading arsenal.

Our free weekly newsletter features micro cap news along with trading ideas, while our blog and homepage is a collection of the in-depth data and commentary serious traders need. For your convenience, we'll also occasionally highlight links to other small and micro cap sites, as well as educational sites of interest. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter today, if you haven't yet, but don't forget to visit our homepage every day to get the latest updates and commentary.

As our slogan says, it's all about discovering the power of early stage growth. The Micro Cap Press can be the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of the rest of the small cap trading crowd.

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