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April 4, 2008

Micro Cap Universal Delivery Solutions Group (UDSG) Now Delivering for Manhattan Subways

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 12:36 pm

We knew this was in the works, but Universal Delivery Solutions (UDSG) started the weekend with some good news about delivering for Manhattan Subway sandwich shops.

The last we heard about the partnership was October of last year. If you missed the news, just click here for our entire coverage. Or, if you want the Q&D version, here goes…

All the Manhattan Subways can deliver subs, but handling it at the store level could be a logistical nightmare. To centralize and streamline the process, UDS Group has established one nationwide toll-free number to call in a delivery order. UDS handles all the logistics; all the local store has to do is make the sandwiches and tell the driver where to take them. For doing this, Universal Delivery Solutions takes percentage of the dollar amount of the order.

The ‘bigger picture’ plan is to reproduce the same one-phone-number setup, for other restaurants. Eventually, they could do the same for grocery stores, pharmacies, dry-cleaners…you name it.

Though the deal with the Manhattan Subways was deemed a pilot, that’s one high-profile trial program. It involves dozens of restaurants. Plus, it’s New York. If they can make it there, (and sorry for the cheesy cliché) they can make it anywhere.

If this Manhattan Subway arrangement works as well as we think it can, we anticipate the degree of interest in UDS Group’s offer to rapidly. To that end, just know there are nearly 1 million restaurants in North America. That’s a lot of potential partners.

February 14, 2008

Universal Delivery Solutions (UDSG) - A Trader’s Perspective

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 1:30 pm

If you were waiting on micro cap Universal Delivery Solutions’ (UDSG) chart to start behaving better before jumping in, you might want to take notice of some recent developments. The stock pulled out of the funk it was in during Q4 of last year, and is trying to find a new, bullish groove. Chart watchers take note - there’s a whole lot to think about here; we’ll look at just some of it.

In late January, UDSG broke above its 50 day moving average line for the first time in a long time. That move also shattered what was becoming a fairly troubling resistance line. Nice, but better still was how shares found support there on the 11th, and pushed off the 50 day line on the 12th.

As it stands right now, that’s a higher high and higher low. Though a little ambiguous, it’s also a decent start to a recovery.

Some traders would look at the chart and suggest a move above the early-February peak of 6 cents would be even more bullish (and we’d agree). But, if you don’t know to watch for it between now and then, you may miss it when it happens.

As for the levels Universal Delivery Solutions is likely to start or stop, we’ve got Fibonacci lines to help us draw that map.

The short-term Fib lines don’t really tell us much. Spanning from the October peak of 8.8 cents to the January low of 2.7 cents, we don’t see any relationship to the most recent (February) highs and lows.

When we zoom out and use last June’s high of 12 cents as a peak, then the recent high of 6 cents starts to make a little more sense.

A 38.2% retracement of that pullback would put the stock at 6.3 cents…just a hair above where we were a few days ago. We think that line is still in play though. If-and-when we revisit it, be alert. If we happen to cross it, the next potential ceiling lies at 8.5 cents. That’s also the high water mark for Q3 of last year, so we wouldn’t take a stall there too lightly.

All the same, the current momentum seems to be favoring the bulls. There hasn’t been much supporting news from the company over the last few days, which is a bit uncharacteristic of UDS Group. However, they continue to work on upgrading from their pink sheet status to the OTC bulletin board exchange.

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January 24, 2008

Universal Delivery Group (UDSG) To Expand With Salad Creations

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 7:51 am

This micro cap stock seems to become a little less micro every day. Universal Delivery Solutions (UDSG) announced this morning their partnership with Salad Creations would be expanding along with Salad Creations’ planned growth in 2008.

The relationship was forged in May of 2007, when Salad Creations asked Universal Delivery Solutions to handle delivery order processing for one store in Boca Raton, Florida. The test was expanded to Coral Springs and Weston in July of last year. Apparently things went well, since UDS Group will be on board for Salad Creations’ expansion into Texas and Maryland in 2008.

This is a pretty big deal for Universal Delivery for a couple of different reasons.

First, it validates the viability of such a service. Though the restaurant in this case - Salad Creations - is now going to be a nationwide name, the delivery logistics for all of those stores is to be handled with one call center, using just one national phone number. That’s a much more efficient way of handling phone-in and delivery orders. When other restaurant chains start to see the service in operation, they too may inquire about getting UDS Group involved in their own marketing plan.

The second reason this is a big deal for Universal Delivery Solutions is much more straight-forward…revenue. Salad Creations currently operates 34 units, which may well be their biggest single customer. However, Salad Creations intends to open more than 100 units in 2008. With Universal Delivery Solutions along for the ride, we suspect UDSG’s top and bottom lines are going to start making some significant progress.

As for the stock, owning UDSG wasn’t necessarily any easier to own than any other stock has been since late October. So, while lower, the fact that it held its ground relative to the market at least deserves acknowledgement.

What we found to be impressive - and bullish - was the price action over the last couple of days. The stock had been working on a recovery, but finally made good on the promise Wednesday with a strong move past some key resistance.

Though it might be a tad soon to say this is the beginning of better days, it wouldn’t be wrong to start considering the possibility. Remember, Universal Delivery Solutions is still working on getting their stock listed as a bulletin board equity. An upgrade like that could really be a boost for shares.

Here’s today’s press release.



December 19, 2007

UDS Group (UDSG) One Step Closer to Bulletin Board Listing

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 7:23 am

Micro cap company UDS Group (UDSG) is officially one step closer to getting its stock listed as a bulletin board equity. The required audits we first mentioned back on August 14th are now completed. Now that the SEC has two years worth of verified results, UDS can submit the appropriate application.

UDSG currently trades as a pink sheet stock. That’s fine, though not an endpoint for a company looking to grow the organization the way UDS Group wants to grow their operation. However, since the SEC requires to years worth of accounting statements to make sure a company qualifies for a bulletin board listing, the data has to first be gathered - and audited - before a decision can be made. Now that UDSG’s data is compiled, the next step is clear….file the application.

We believe this could be finished and approved sooner than most people may realize; UDSG may be trading on the bulletin board by the beginning of next year, depending on when they submit the paperwork. Regardless of when though, the higher-level exchange and improved stature should help the stock trade well. 

Here’s the press release.

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September 19, 2007

Universal Delivery (UDSG) Starts Their Buy-back

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 6:54 am

The plan was first announced back in July, but Universal Delivery Solutions (UDSG.PK) has officially begun their stock repurchase plan. The company formally released the news early this morning, citing the same rationale and benefits discussed in the July press release.

Specifically, the company believes their shares to be undervalued relative to their growth forecast. Rather than just paying lip-service to the notion, UDS is putting money where their mouth is. A buyback plan will not only pressure stock prices higher because of greater demand, it will also make the float less diluted.

If UDS buys all 10 million shares mentioned when first publicly announced, we estimate the number of outstanding shares will be somewhere around 171 million.

Though the process could take several days - if not weeks - to complete, we view this as a positive event for shareholders.

To review today’s news release, click here.

September 13, 2007

Universal Delivery Solutions (UDSG) Now Delivering For Subways in Chicago

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 6:44 am

The rumors are slowly becoming reality for this micro-cap company. Universal Delivery Solutions (UDSG) has been chosen to provide delivery management for a large group of franchised Subway sandwich shops in Rockford, Illinois. Crest Light Limited, Grace Light Limited, and Lane Light Limited (a multi-unit Subway franchisee) will tap UDS Group’s delivery know-how as they add a delivery feature to their current customer service offer. 

Just as a quick reminder, Universal Delivery Solutions believes an effective pick-up/delivery offer is capable of increasing a restaurant’s revenue by as much as 25% within a couple years of implementing the service. The appeal to restaurateurs is obvious - more sales means more profit.

Universal Delivery’s offer is particularly attractive in that it’s a simple turn-key solution…UDS Group handles all the logistics and service - the restaurant just makes and delivers the food.

Though the company isn’t new, the service has only recently become ready for mass (i.e. public) implementation. And from our point of view, the company is off and running right out of the gate. We believe if this partnership in Rockford goes well, other Subway franchise groups will follow. And, other companies will start to become interested too.

With nearly a million restaurants in North America, we foresee a lot of opportunity to bring more units into the UDS Group fold. Since Universal Delivery collects a percentage of all the sales routed through their phone line, each new addition will pump up their top line, and eventually, their bottom line.

For more on the story, click here.

September 5, 2007

UDS Group (UDSG.PK) Touts Company on

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 12:47 pm

Universal Delivery Solutions Inc. (UDSG.PK) appears to be getting more and more attention from Wall Street every day, as the story behind the stock unfolds. This time around, CEO Ryan Coblin was able to discuss the ins and outs of the investment opportunity on the web-based market radio channel

The interview examines recent events, strategic initiatives, and perhaps most importantly, details upcoming milestones investors may want to take special notice of.

The interview will be available for a few days at the site - just click here and look for the media player near the middle/right of the page. At a manageable 11 minutes in length, we encourage interested investors and current owners to listen in. We uncovered a few items that were not publicly available until the interview was released. also allows users to post feedback and comment about its interviewed companies, including UDSG.

August 14, 2007

UDS Group Eyes Upgrade To ‘Bulletin Board’ Status

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 7:33 pm

Universal Delivery Solutions Inc. (UDSG.PK) may be close to taking their stock to the next proverbial level. The company announced on Tuesday they’ve hired independent auditors to review and prepare their books for the purpose of becoming eligible for an OTC bulletin board listing.

Currently, UDSG shares are listed as a pink sheet stock. The company overseeing this inter-dealer quotation system - Pink Sheets, LLC - has no disclosure or reporting requirements for a company to maintain a listing. Though some pink sheet companies choose to submit SEC filings anyway, the general lack of disclosure requirement may cause some investors to overlook sound opportunities only because the stock is not listed as a bulletin board stock, or on a major exchange.

Cognizant of the potential hindrance to their stock’s full valuation, Universal Delivery Solutions has not only requested Sherb and Co. LLP prepare the SEC-required 10Q ’s and 10K’s going forward, they’ve also asked for an audit of UDS’s historical books. Using their financial history may allow Sherb to get UDS shares trading on the bulletin board sooner.

While this will change nothing about the company’s performance, our research staff does believe the bulletin board system to be a more credible exchange in investor’s eyes. Greater transparency and more liquidity associated with an OTC listing should encourage many more interested parties to actually trade these shares. Therefore, a bulletin board status may indeed be a bullish event for this stock.

For more, here’s the press release.

For more on how pink sheet stocks differ from bulletin board stocks click here.

August 5, 2007

UDS Featured In South Florida Mag

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 2:55 pm

UDS Delivery Group (UDSG.PK) has been gaining some interest within the investment community for a while now. And rightfully so…the company appears to be on the verge of starting to do some major business, after a couple years worth of process development and trials.

On top of that, the company recently joined the National Restaurant Association. Membership in the NRA allows them access to many of the 900,000+ food service stores all across the United States. UDS will be attending a trade show in January where 75,000 restaurateurs will be looking for ways to make their stores even better. Considering there’s nothing like UDS Group’s phone-in-order and delivery service out there, we believe their presence at the show will generate quite a buzz.

As of last week, UDS has started to garner some attention with the general business media. How so? They were the subject of an article appearing in the South Florida Business Journal. Most of the comments in the write-up were ideas and facts Micro Cap Press readers already understood, but there were a couple of more facets we found to be new.

The article is complete yet brief, so be sure to check it out by clicking here. In the meantime, our point is simply an acknowledgement and kudos - the UDS investment opportunity is being introduced to a mainstream audience.

July 31, 2007

UDS Group Joins The NRA…

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 3:42 am

…and no, we don’t mean the National Rifle Association.

The National Restaurant Association’s newest member is Universal Delivery Solutions (UDSG.PK). Though not a restarauteur itself, they do have an interest in the industry - it’s their proverbial bread and butter (no pun intended). Being a part of this organization gives the company instant visibility to those restaurants possibly interested in using UDS Group’s delivery/pick-up service.

The key membership benefit to UDS Group, however, may be a bit underestimated with just a casual look. As an NRA member, UDS is also able to attend the organization’s trade show in early 2008. The ‘big deal’ is how nearly all of the major food service chains send management members to the show to check out the latest and greatest ways to improve their restaurants. We expect UDS to be a stand out for one key reason - there’s nothing else like their service, anywhere.

More than that, UDS will be able to tell them some words these restaurateurs want to desperately hear…..a curbside pick-up or delivery offer can realistically help a restaurant improve revenues by as much as 25% within a couple of years. We believe that statistic, coupled with the novel way UDS can help them achieve that goal, should make a big splash with the 75,000 show attendees.

From an even wider view, being in the NRA and attending its trade show may end up being a catalyst for the company, and by extension, its stock. They’ve never been to the show before, and very few people within the industry are aware of who and what they are. Only a handful of restaurants are currently utilizing the service, as UDS has spent the last several months refining it before it’s rolled-out on a mass scale.

The service, however, is now ready for a mass roll-out. And by the time the show is over, most of the industry will have been introduced to UDS Group’s offer. We expect the company’s revenues to start growing exponentially shortly afterwards.

July 26, 2007

Mapping Out UDS Group’s Path

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 9:47 am

Universal Delivery Solutions - otherwise known as UDS Group Inc. (UDSG.PK) - announced on Thursday that their delivery mapping procedure was to going to be handled in house, rather than outsourced. Aside from being an upgrade in terms of functionality, the decision will also save the company about $800 for each store represented by UDS Group’s pick-up or delivery service.
You may recall how UDS is a facilitator of delivery solutions for restaurants wanting to increase sales by offering delivery, but may not have the tools or infrastructure to make it happen efficiently. UDS offers a solution by acting as a call center to accept those orders, but also creates a line-by-line ‘optimal’ delivery route for the restaurant’s driver. The new maps won’t change anything from the store’s perspective, but the ability to create maps just got a whole lot easier for UDS….and a whole lot cheaper.
Before, the map was essentially purchased at an average price of $800 per restaurant, and generally took three weeks to receive the data. Now the company can instantaneously create the same map themselves, eliminating any wait time for a restaurateur that’s ready to start making deliveries as soon as possible. Thus, it serves as one more selling point for the service - a store can start delivering practically immediately.
Ultimately, we believe this will allow the company a substantial cost savings when operating at full capacity. UDS is gearing up to be able to handle thousands of stores. Versus $800 a pop, the new mapping system won’t be a fiscal annoyance. Moreover, the new system is much more effective at creating driver maps - a small detail on the surface, but a preemptive avoidance of a headache later.
For more, click here.

July 19, 2007

UDS Group Gains Operational Momentum

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 6:20 am

Though it could still be considered a start-up by some measures, based on its current rate of progress, UDS Group (UDSG.PK) may not be a true start-up much longer. Thursday morning the company announced their operational test with Salad Creations was expanding by two stores. Only the Boca Raton, Florida store was utilizing UDS Group’s order processing service. With the logistics of the partnership refined using the Boca Raton as a testing ground, now the Coral Springs and Weston units are being added to the effort.

In general, we consider this is a sign of feasibility. Given that Salad Creations is comfortable enough with the results so far that they’re expanding the offer, we believe the news speaks well for the whole concept. And, from UDS Group’s perspective, three stores can be handled as well as one store….or as well as 300 stores for that matter. The order processing model is completely scalable; once one store’s process is optimized, the others can follow that model.

Eventually, we expect all 25 Salad Creations units to utilize the UDS delivery/pick-up ordering system. However, success here should make it much more likely the concept can be sold to much bigger restaurant franchises later. Nationwide, there are over 900,000 restaurants - a far cry from 25 Salad Creation storefronts. The sheer size of the underlying growth opportunity is clear.

Beyond restaurants, similar delivery/pick-up opportunities exist for grocers, pharmacies, and dry-cleaners just to name a few. In fact, an order processing agreement with a group of convenience stores has already been forged. The logistic details should be worked out soon.

As we’ve discussed before, there’s really no viable direct competition for UDS Group. Our opinion stands - UDSG appears to be a highly-compelling speculative investment.  

For more on the Salad Creations news, click here.

July 11, 2007

UDS Group Announces Stock Repurchase

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 6:21 am

Just a few days after retiring 27 million of their 208 million outstanding shares, UDS Group Inc. (UDSG.PK) took another stride towards improving their per-share value. Up to 10 million shares could be bought back by the company, according to CEO Ryan Coblin. There is no timeframe for the completion of the buy-back, and they will be purchased through the open market at the prevailing price at the time.

Stock repurchase plans are generally considered a positive for current shareholders. Besides the increased demand for shares - which can cause the price to move higher - the reduction of the number of shares in circulation means a slightly higher percentage stake in the company is represented by a single share. Think of it as reverse dilution…..the earnings could remain the same in terms of a dollar amount, but there would be fewer shares to ’share the wealth’ with.

Once they own (or re-own) those 10 million shares, UDS can do one of two things with them.

Their first option is, do nothing. Those 10 million shares can be held as treasury stock, which has no voting rights, nor do they pay dividends. However, treasury stock can be re-sold later (at hopefully a higher price than the purchase price) if the company wanted to raise funds/cash.

The company’s second option is to retire those shares permanently. The actual act of retiring them would have no impact on the stock’s price or value, as the shareholder benefit would already be fully realized by the repurchase in itself. However, by retiring any treasury stock, the odds of future dilution from their resale are wiped away. Thus, UDSG becomes a more attractive investment opportunity, which in turn means demand for the stock may improve. And don’t forget, retiring shares is not unfamiliar territory for UDS - they just retired 27 million shares a couple of weeks ago, so they’re at least willing to think along those lines.

Either way though, the basic message is simple - UDS Group believes their stock is undervalued, and is putting their money where their mouth is. Investors may do well to take the hint.

If UDS buys all 10 million shares they intend to, we estimate the number of outstanding shares will be somewhere around 171 million. Considering the company expects sales to ramp up while dilution is headed lower, this UDSG appears to be a pretty compelling prospect.

For more, click here.

June 25, 2007

UDS Group’s Letter to Shareholders

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 6:15 am

Sometimes, commentary and opinions on company news is fine. Other times, the best way to convey a message is just to let the company speak for itself. Monday’s letter to UDS Group’s (UDSG.PK) shareholders is probably best presented using the latter method. So, here’s the letter from CEO Ryan Coblin, in its entirety.

Dear Shareholders,

It’s my pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss UDS Group’s Universal Delivery Solutions (UDS) with each and every one of you. There are many thoughts that I have sitting here, and it is a privilege for me to be able to convey them to each of you. I believe that before I can discuss future opportunities, I need to first digress so we can all see where we have come from, where we are today, and where we look to be in the future.

As most of you know UDS was incorporated in August of 2004, to offer a Delivery Management Solution to service industries in North America. From the very beginning,UDS has always known that the only constant over the course of time is change, and in knowing this, UDS developed a business model that could adapt to any change, whether it is a client’s need, technology advancement or a consumer need. All being equally important, UDS believes the most important aspect to our model was to make sure that no matter the size of the client, or the industry they are in, is to have the ability to mold and model our solutions for their specific needs. This endeavor is what truly makes us Universal.

UDS has spent the better part of a year and a half on research and development and on site beta testing making sure that our systems had the required integrity. It is important to understand that UDS continues to strive, and always will, in the undertaking of R&D for our clients, making sure we remain ahead of the curve by integrating new and innovative technologies.

In the course of UDS’ first year of operations, we were able to secure an agreement with S.W. Florida Regional Development Inc., which owns and operates the rights to the largest sandwich chain in the world in Southwest Florida. The signing of this agreement was a great testament to all the hard work and vision executed by UDS. UDS has since been able to sign to a test agreement with Salad Creations, which recently made the list of the top 50 franchisees to own, announced by Franchise Business Review, as well as becoming one of the fastest growing private companies reported by the South Florida

Business Journal. UDS has also secured an agreement with Puerto Rico 7, which owns, operates, and has rights to 7-11 in Puerto Rico. In addition, UDS has also entered into a strategic partnership with DevStudios International. DevStudios is proud to be one of Canada’s 100 fastest growing companies ranked by Profit Magazine and also the winner of the 2004 Microsoft Canadian IMPACT Award. This partnership allows UDS unlimited roll out capabilities and eliminates costly on site installations.

To date, illustrating a single client, UDS has processed thousands of orders, increased sales upwards of 10%, almost tripled ticket averages, and has shown about 75% customer retention. We believe, as we continue the process in expanding our business, these initial results will be just “the tip of the iceberg.”

It has always been important for UDS to offer as much current financial information to the public as possible. For the better part of a year, UDS has been working with SEC counsel and accountants to insure this happens. We reported in the fall of 2006 that we did not have all the books and records we needed to complete an audit for the years prior to the date we completed our purchase of Blini Hut, Inc. With our current accountants and counsel, I am glad to say most of our initial roadblocks have been remedied and we will be looking to finalize an internal audit shortly in order to voluntarily become a reporting company under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

We feel that the opportunities that lie ahead for UDS are endless. I feel that the passion, vision, and dedication of UDS is unparalleled. UDS looks forward to future accomplishments that will help transform the way companies look at their business, and the way the consumer perceives them. “With passion and strength of conviction anything can be accomplished,” Ryan Coblin.


Ryan F. Coblin
Chief Executive Officer

About Universal Delivery Group, Inc.

Universal Delivery Solutions, Inc. ( is the first Company to provide a 100%, turnkey delivery platform to the service industry throughout North America (restaurant, retail, other). The system is designed on both a customer relation management (CRM) system and a service integrated technology backbone between customers, call center and the personal industry provider of choice.

Legal Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

The statements in the press release that relate to the company’s expectations with regard to the future impact on the company’s results from acquisitions or actions in development are forward-looking statements, within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The statements in this document may also contain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Since this information may contain statements that involve risk and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time, the company’s actual results may differ materially from expected results.

UDS Group Inc.
Mr. Ryan Coblin, 888-328-1888

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