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September 18, 2007

Zupintra (ZUPC) Letters of Credit Delayed

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 10:55 am

Late last week, Zupintra Corporation (OTCBB: ZUPC) announced they were experiencing delays in finalizing the letters of credit they needed in order to start providing telecom termination services in certain South American markets. The credit was hoped to be in place by September, which would allow the company to immediately begin connecting calls as well as billing. Now, the company isn’t sure when the credit backing will be available. This is a fairly severe burden on an already-struggling stock.

However (though most investors apparently do), we don’t believe all hope is lost. On the other hand, we also don’t see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Without this credit, Zupintra is basically handcuffed in terms of driving any real revenue. In fact, we feel one of the key upsides this opportunity offered was the notion that the bigger prize was just on the verge of being realized. The prize is still waiting out there, but it’s unclear when or if it will be attainable.

We still recommend keeping this stock on your watchlist. Though we believe its current situation offers dubious value to shareholders, the situation could also change at a moment’s notice - with the simple finalization of some credit terms.

For the official word from the company, click here.

July 26, 2007

Zupintra Now Well Positioned For Revenue

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 11:51 am

It’s been a while in the coming, but now that it’s here, we believe Zupintra Corporation (OTCBB: ZUPC) should be able to start making tangible progress towards revenues…and profits. 

Without rehashing the entire background on the company, Zupintra’s intent and business model is to serve as a telecom ‘termination’ point for most of Central and South America. In fact, their infrastructure and licensing is set up (or is being established) at this time. The fruits of their labor will be ripe when long-distance carriers start to route their customer’s calls through Zupintra’s network rather than someone else’s.

On Thursday we learned that Zupintra has already been doing so - successfully - for about two weeks. It was a testing period to make sure the technology worked as needed before rolling the service out on a major scale. We don’t know how many clients inter-connected with the Zupintra network, nor do we know who any of them are. That’s Zupintra exercising their right of proprietary secrecy, which is fine. 

However, a more important (and perhaps more obscure) milestone may have been passed. As part of the normal course of doing telecom business, a smaller termination network like Zupintra also needs to be able to extend credit to top tier providers. The big players ‘don’t pay as you go’, but rather expect to be billed on a monthly basis. That’s not unusual, but to be able to bill/invoice massive dollar amounts (relatively) you need the financial backing to do so. That backing is two-pronged. The first prong is accounts receivable insurance, which Zupintra had. The second prong was a credit line, which Zupintra did not have at the time of our last look, but has since acquired - apparently in just the last couple of weeks.

With both of the financial pieces of the puzzle now laid side-by-side with the technology piece of the puzzle, the company is in a good position to start delivering results - something that was largely stifled before. It’s our understanding that Zupintra has a $5 million letter of credit from Londesborough Finance - more than enough to get them started  in a way big enough for the company to reach their short-term goal of 2.5 million in revenues per month.

Though that fact has not been trumpeted, we believe it was a bigger deal than the company has stated. There was no official announcement the Londesborough deal had been approved, and only one mention of it in Thursday’s press release. Nonetheless, it has largely unshackled the company. Our research staff remains eager to see what kind of numbers can now be generated. We suspect they should be respectable within a few weeks.

And as far as the stock is concerned, good fundamental news couldn’t come soon enough. ZUPC shares reached a low of 10 cents on Wednesday, after peaking at 29 cents in April. The 20 day line has been resistance, while volume has been thin. Today’s news, however, may well be the needed catalyst to get the stock going again. An irony really…..the company is closer than ever to reaching its potential, but interest in the stock appears to be at an all-time low. Perhaps it’s an entry opportunity, in the sense that things are often ’darkest before dawn’.

For more on the news, click here.

July 9, 2007

Zupintra Opens Another Door

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 2:57 pm

As the company described they would several weeks ago, another key Latin American market has been brought into the Zupintra Corporation (OTCBB: ZUPC) fold. Thanks to the receipt of three key licenses, the company can now hit the ground running in Panama.

Zupintra announced they have been granted three licenses by the Panamanian government….one to offer international long-distance, one to offer Internet access (act as an ISP), and one to operate a call center within the country. Being permitted to do those three things will allow the company to proceed with its expansion plans in the region. Zupintra expects the Panama infrastructure to be in place and driving revenue by the end of their next quarter.

From a macro-view, these licenses represent tangible progress toward the company’s expansion plans. This is the third telecom license Zupintra has received for the region (networks in Argentina and Uruguay are already up and running), and more are said to be on the way. Considering the relative rarity of these licenses for most of the continent’s countries, this could be considered a big victory for the company, and its shareholders.

For more, click here.

June 21, 2007

Phinder Is Now Zupintra

Filed under: — MicroCapPress Editor @ 8:45 am

Just an FYI in case any fans or owners of the company formerly known as Phinder Technologies (OTCBB: PHDT) were wondering why ‘PHDT’ wasn’t a working ticker anymore…..the company has a new one - and a new name to boot. Effective as of today, the company is Zupintra Corporation Inc. (OTCBB: ZUPC).

Nothing else has changed with the company. The price history, valuations, and the underlying opportunity are still the same.

It may take a few days for your data provider to switch over to the new ticker, though PHDT may actually work in the meantime.

Also, don’t forget that any shareholders as of Friday, June 22nd will also be entitled to a stock dividend. The company is adding one share for every twenty you already own. Also, for every 20 shares you own, you’ll also be receiving a warrant with an exercise price of 18 cents. The warrants will be good for six months.

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