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A description of the content follows : Micro cap stocks can provide high returns for investors, but there are many other things to know and consider when making an informed investment decision.

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“Thank you for all of your trading tips and micro cap ideas. Thanks to you, this year is setting up to be my best trading year, ever!”


James Whittaker

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“...thank goodness I'm receiving your newsletter now. My trading account has seen a healthy climb, thanks to your service. Nothing but praises!”


Frank Jinter

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“I never knew about micro cap stocks! Can you believe it? These companies (if identified correctly) have WAY more upside than the blue chips. Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me diversify my portfolio with a healthy group of micro caps. I think they are outperforming my large cap positions 5 to 1. Impressive!”


Allison Lee

Plantation, FL

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Important Information When Investing in Micro Cap Stocks

Micro cap stocks can provide high returns for investors, but there are many other things to know and consider when making an informed investment decision. Although the micro cap world of stocks can be extremely rewarding, many investors do not utilize proper diversification and portfolio allocation with respect to owning small stocks. It is imperative to understand that micro cap stocks can often be as volatile and unpredictable as they can be financially rewarding. It is also important to understand micro cap stocks require patience and discipline, therefore, these stocks are not for the faint of heart. Know what you're investing in and exercise the patience and discipline of successful investing and you will likely benefit from the micro cap stock world.

Occasionally a company trading at a $1 or $2 valuation achieves a milestone and climbs to $50, but we've seen many more $2 stocks go to pennies. What's unique to those that are successful is there is usually a fundamental "triggering" event that causes it to begin a long-term advance.

If 90% of the successful company stock's movement occurs during just 10% of the time it's traded, we want to be well positioned to capture that move. If a situation doesn't pan out as planned, it will be our job to keep you posted in an attempt to preserve risk capital for new and improved opportunities.

We are committed to meet the challenge to uncover these "hidden gems" among the 5,000-10,000 small and micro cap stocks currently trading publicly. We look to present those with the potential to breakout and will look to reduce our positions or cut our losses on those that don't. Either way, you will always be aware of where we stand in regard to our FOCUS COMPANIES at all times.

We will provide "action" ideas for you to consider. Micro Cap Press Members are ultimately responsible for their own individual investment results. From our experience, we know our ideas will generate winners, losers, and breakevens. Overseeing participation in each situation along the way and making the right adjustments will determine the level of success we ultimately achieved.

We want our FOCUS COMPANY REPORTS to find their way to the top of your "search-list" for timely investment opportunities to own a piece of. Register as a Network Member today and receive our next FOCUS COMPANY REPORT within the next four to eight weeks.

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