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“Thank you for all of your trading tips and micro cap ideas. Thanks to you, this year is setting up to be my best trading year, ever!”


James Whittaker

Menlo Park, CA



“...thank goodness I'm receiving your newsletter now. My trading account has seen a healthy climb, thanks to your service. Nothing but praises!”


Frank Jinter

New York , NY



“I never knew about micro cap stocks! Can you believe it? These companies (if identified correctly) have WAY more upside than the blue chips. Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me diversify my portfolio with a healthy group of micro caps. I think they are outperforming my large cap positions 5 to 1. Impressive!”


Allison Lee

Plantation, FL

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Report Criteria

Every investor has dreamed of owning the next great success story that transforms from an unknown entity to a household name. The joy of picking that one stock out of the thousands of companies is certainly a gratifying experience. The gains from such an investment are also quite substantial.

How do investors find these types of investments? It certainly isn't easy and there is no guaranteed formula but there are certain parameters that these companies usually fall into:

  • In the process of revolutionizing or creating an industry.
  • Relatively unknown to the investing public.

The Micro Cap Press constantly scours the markets for companies worthy of our attention. We look companies have the potential to become something special from a corporate as well as an investment standpoint. Our goal is to find four to six companies a year and the present them to our readers.

Some of the companies covered are relatively unknown to the investing public due to its status as a small or micro cap. The Micro Cap Press will often times become the only source of real information for shareholders of the company. That is why we will constantly monitor the company's management and promptly disseminate all information deemed relevant.

A time frame of twelve to eighteen months is established to determine whether a covered company is meeting our goals. It is important to balance the pursuit of owning the next "Microsoft" along with the realities of how a company is performing.

Although we only seek companies that have great potential for success, sometimes negative developments occur. If they do then we will be the first to let our readers know. We will always provide timely and accurate information on the companies we cover.

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